Efficient hospitality marketing during the 2024 Olympics

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are just around the corner, and companies are investing heavily in tickets to engage in hospitality marketing.

The aim? To invite their best customers and prospects for an unforgettable experience and create new business opportunities.

Challenges of Hospitality Marketing during the Olympics

  • How do you ensure your expensive tickets get to A customers?
  • How do you avoid no-shows & last-minute calls to fill empty seats
  • How do you ensure a perfect follow-up before, during & after the Olympics?

If you address all these challenges properly, you will ensure your investment pays off. Ready for a gold medal in Hospitality ROI during Olympic Games?

The benefits of Invitedesk

Easy ticket distribution:

Distribute ticket quotas across your sales team and track how tickets are used. Reduce no-shows through better management of your guest list.

Transparent dashboards:

Track the real-time status of your tickets in a clear dashboard without time-consuming manual work in Excel.

Email automation:

Through easy marketing automation, your guests will receive the proper communication in your personalised house style at the right time.


Make the most of your hospitality marketing by getting your most relevant guests to your events.

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Make the most of your tickets for the Olympics

InviteDesk is an event marketing platform explicitly designed to help companies manage their hospitality marketing effectively. With the Olympics approaching, tickets are coveted by companies betting on relationship marketing. Getting a maximum return on these tickets is an art.

With our platform, you can: 

  • easily distribute and track ticket quotas among your relationship managers,
  • automatically track confirmations and rejections,
  • invite new guests when places become available,
  • and make optimal use of all your Olympic tickets.

No more hassle with Excel because InviteDesk provides a clear overview of the status of all your tickets for your teams. This, combined with user-friendly marketing automation, ensures you do away with empty seats and irrelevant guests. 

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