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Maximise event ROI through teamwork

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Maximise ROI

50% of Marketers scramble to get last-minute guests, by ensuring you fill your events with your highest value customers and prospects you’ll improve your chances of sales success, maximise your ROI and become a growth superstar.

Absolute control

Whether it’s in the messaging that sales are using, in real-time management of ticket allocation or in enabling you to see how your events are doing, whether on your mobile or desktop, you’ll be able to take the right decisions to improve your chances of success.

Increase efficiency

Make event management painless. Template driven-landing pages, agenda management, automated email workflows, invitation reminders and updates. All those small things that increase marketing efficiency.

"Only 24% of top marketers included alignment with sales as a priority for marketing automation. This is a potential miss."

Adestra "State of Marketing Automation Benchmarks for Success"

One team, One tool

Collaboration & Teamwork

Use Invitedesk to work with to build the first-choice (and second-choice) guest lists together and then have shared visibility over invitation progress – with individual and team dashboards.

Closed-loop Marketing

Integrate fully into your CRM or Marketing Automation platform to ensure you can manage your guest selection, update customer records and campaign overviews and once the event is completed conduct closed-loop analytics.

Analyze & measure

With InviteDesk, you’ll have access to all relevant data to help you track the status of the invitation process, monitor attendance figures and calculate the ROI from your events.

InviteDesk web app
InviteDesk mobile app

Convenience at your fingertips

Intuitive App for Sales Reps

Whether it’s adding customers to the guest list, checking who is coming to the next event or confirming attendance, it all becomes child’s play with the InviteDesk app.

Prioritised invite lists

No need to wait until a customer replies to an invitation before contacting the next one. Create just one prioritized invitation list and InviteDesk will take care of the rest.

Targeted reminders

When inviting several customers at the same time, it’s easy to lose track. InviteDesk alerts your Sales Reps when action is needed.

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