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What InviteDesk means for your company


In Event Marketing, a lot of time is wasted chasing people for feedback, answering repetitive questions and carrying out repetitive admin tasks. InviteDesk helps your company gain efficiency by improving internal collaboration, transparency and communication.

  • InviteDesk Real time, up-to-date invitee and attendee lists
    Access your invitee and attendee lists at any time without having to chase people for the information.
  • InviteDesk Share information efficiently
    Spend less time having to communicate internally and make sure that everyone who needs it has access to the latest data. All relevant event information is available in the Event Dashboard. Of course, you decide who gets access.
  • InviteDesk No-one can forget to take action
    InviteDesk makes sure that people know when action is required. In-app alerts and clear emails make sure that sales and marketing employees don’t forget to action important tasks.
  • InviteDesk Transparent invite lists
    Invite lists can be created and reviewed centrally or by the Sales Reps themselves. Different levels of access rights define what can be done by whom.
  • InviteDesk Individual customer insight
    Comments can be added to individual guest profiles so that you can see why a guest was invited, or note down specific information about a guest. You’ll also be able to see which past events your guest has attended.
  • InviteDesk Full control on ticket distribution
    You decide how many tickets are distributed to each individual or team.
  • InviteDesk Check demand upfront
    Are you unsure of the amount of tickets each department needs? Verify the demand for specific events amongst your sales team in just a few clicks and allocate tickets accordingly.

Communication & Marketing Automation

Effective communication before and after the event are important to the overall event experience for your guests. With InviteDesk, you can ensure that all your guests receive relevant, timely communication under your own corporate identity.

  • InviteDesk Intuitive marketing automation
    InviteDesk will send out invitations, reminders and thank you emails, covering the full invitation process. All you need to do is to create the content and choose your favourite invitation template.
  • InviteDesk Intelligent waiting lists
    When tickets are limited, you want to make sure that the most important guests get invited first. Our intelligent waiting lists help you to fill up the event without any delay. As soon as a guest declines, or an invitation expires, the next guest on the waiting list receives a new invite.
  • InviteDesk One click, targeted emails
    Do you want to send your guests a quick update about the venue? Or a 'last chance to book' email? Simply select the target audience you want to reach out to and send them a personalised email.
  • InviteDesk Branded emails and landing pages
    Create multiple templates that you can re-use in future event communication to make sure that all communication reflects your corporate identity.
  • InviteDesk First Come, First Serve
    InviteDesk operates a 'First Come, First Serve' invitation process, enabling you to send out invitations to a large guest list, without the risk of overbooking.


With InviteDesk, all your event information is available in one central location, so event reporting becomes a piece of cake.

  • InviteDesk Real-time updates
    Check how many registrations you’ve received and who’s coming to your next event at any time 24/7.
  • InviteDesk Customer insight
    Gain insight into your customer’s event history and preferences. We can, of course, make the data sync with your existing marketing or sales software through use of our API.
  • InviteDesk Event reporting
    Get access to reports on all event information, such as: which events were most popular; how long it took to fill all bookings and how many no shows occurred.
  • InviteDesk Compliance reporting
    In just a few clicks, you can access all the data needed for compliance purposes or internal reporting.
  • InviteDesk Resource management
    Gain insight into the usage of event resources. Which teams use the most? Do all sales reps get their tickets distributed?

Mobile App

On the road or at the event, your job doesn’t stop. Likewise, your sales force might be spending more time visiting customers than working in the office. That is exactly why we invested so much time and so many resources into developing our mobile app.

  • InviteDesk Event information
    Everything you need to know about upcoming events.
  • InviteDesk Invite guests
    Adding guests is child’s play using the app. Manage the priority of your invitees just by drag and drop.
  • InviteDesk Insight and action
    Gain immediate access to invitee and attendee lists. From both lists, you can communicate directly with your customers or manage their attendance status with just one click.
  • InviteDesk Event check-in
    Scan tickets with the app, or simply swipe the guest’s name to check them in. With this method, attendance reporting is easy.

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