Double-digit growth despite the corona crisis

InviteDesk raises 700,000 euros for further international growth

Willebroek, December 14, 2021 – InviteDesk, which develops event marketing software, increases its financial strength by 700,000 euros thanks to existing and new Swedish investors. With InviteDesk, companies increase their return on investment (ROI) from event marketing by ensuring that the right customers and prospects are present at their events. They use the platform to communicate effectively with their customers, and to allow sales and marketing teams to collaborate more efficiently and provide them with real-time data.

Invitedesk was founded in 2018 by Jan Heiremans, Matthias Goossens and Mark Van der kinderen who have built up extensive marketing and sales experience, among others at StepStone, Adecco and Unilever. They found that events are an important marketing tool for many companies, but they often struggled to get a clear return on investment. “On the one hand, we saw that companies often did not get a full house, had to deal with many no-shows or did not get the right guests at the event. On the other hand, these events require a lot of work from the sales and marketing team to ensure that the entire communication process runs smoothly.” Says Jan Heiremans, co-founder. “With InviteDesk you ensure a more efficient process and a full room with the right guests so that your event budget pays off optimally.”

The rise of digital events

“Due to the Corona crisis, a shift has been made to digital events. We quickly adapted our platform so that webinars or hybrid events can also be organized via InviteDesk. In addition, we developed our own unique webinar technology that helps organizations to run business webinars with a higher involvement. But we see that the moment it is allowed, companies are again organizing plenty of in-person events. The future is clearly a mixture of different types of events. Fortunately, our customers can manage all their events on one platform with us: online, in-person and hybrid.”

Matthias Goossens
Partner from the very beginning


“From our first contacts abroad, it appeared that with our solution we were addressing a problem that is not limited to Belgium alone. We now have 2 experienced entrepreneurs who have started InviteDesk in the Nordics and where we already have traction. We also have customers in the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and even the US.”

Mark Van der kinderen
co-founder of InviteDesk

Double-digit growth despite COVID19

“We can also record double-digit growth this year, despite the enormous impact that Corona has on the events sector. This growth is the result of very high customer loyalty, further product development and internationalization. With the capital increase, we want to accelerate our growth and further focus on product development, marketing and internationalization. On the one hand, the existing shareholders contributed to the capital increase and, on the other, we also attracted new investors from abroad.”

Jan Heiremans

About InviteDesk

InviteDesk was founded in April 2018 in Willebroek. It develops the eponymous software that allows marketers and salespeople to collaborate in the event invitation process. It makes it easier for them to get the most valuable customers and prospects at webinars,trade shows, conferences, seminars, VIP or other events. Book a demo at