2021 as an event SaaS scale-up? Interesting times!

I promised to write a short blog post about our experiences as an event Saas scale-up in 2021. Hopefully, this post inspires other entrepreneurs, and some of our customers and fans might find it an exciting read as well. I also promised I would not mention the C-word. (= the virus, not the body-part just so we’re clear). That turned out to be more challenging than expected, considering the latest developments. Let’s find out if I can keep that promise.

2021 has been a fantastic year. Of course, we had to work hard to overcome several challenges. Let’s take a step back, and look at what we did in 2021:


We started 2021 by welcoming two ambitious colleagues that started InviteDesk Nordics. Erik and Christian are doing a great job. As a result, our customer base in the Nordics is growing. And the momentum didn’t stop there. We’re seeing happy customers throughout Europe and even across the ocean.

Product development

Internationalisation meant adding more languages to our multilingual platform. Next to that, growing implied further development to fulfill our strategic goals. We added some functionalities based on customer feedback in an ever-changing environment. Our unique webinar solution for business events is a prime example. InviteDesk now supports online and hybrid events, taking some of the in-person event experience online.

Customer Success

We are more than a ‘just’ software platform. Customers get their personal customer success manager. We listen to customers, help them personally, and use their input in our roadmap. This year, we implemented Zendesk to ensure we can keep on supporting our growing customer base in the same professional way. So far, all these efforts have paid off with a close to 100% retention rate.

Capital increase

We will close the year with double-digit growth. And of course, we want more of it and accelerate this growth. End 2021, we raised 700 K to help us increase our growth by investing in products, sales, and marketing.

What 2021 meant for us in a nutshell

2021 has indeed been a fantastic year: we met lots of new people, acquired happy new customers, increased our international footprint, onboarded new colleagues, and rolled out new products. We hope the next year will bring a lot more of the same! Except for the C-word, of course.

Happy new year!


How will your next year’s event strategy look like? Let’s find out together.

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