10 original side activities for your corporate event

Guest speakers. A networking session. Maybe a jazz trio in the background if you want something more exclusive. The typical corporate event often looks the same. To look trendy, mocktails are sometimes offered and there might also be vegan options as snacks. But really memorable? No, that’s not the effect these efforts have.

Do you want an event that your guests will talk about afterwards? Then get creative. Surprise with an exciting element, a memorable farewell or a moment suprème. Which does not mean it has to be grand or very pricey. No idea how to spice up your corporate event? We list 10 original side-activities for your corporate event:

1. A corporate event does not always have to start in the afternoon.

Mornings strike gold, and yet most corporate events are after working hours. Why not organize an event from 8.30 to 10 am? After all, people are fresher than compared to after a day full of meetings. That’s why a coffee&talks concept is perfect for filling the morning with an exciting speaker. Afterwards, they can just go to work!

Want to be more original with your morning event? A yoga session is a perfect activity for the start of your working day. Or would you like to give your guests or employees an extra wake-up call? Then why not organize a disco yoga or morning rave? That way, everyone starts the day full of energy. Coffee is no longer needed.

2. You can't prepare this one: organize an improvisation training session!

Improvisation is not only an original way to break the ice and get guests to connect at your event, it also boosts their own creativity. It will even bring the most introverted guests out of their shell. 

Have your guests work in teams led by an improvisation expert. Ask the expert to emphasize on social interactions to promote networking. You will definitely bring fun to your event with this.

And the laughs? They’re guaranteed. 

3. The red carpet and a... best dressed award. (Or worst?)

Could it get any fancier? And then incredibly budget-friendly too? Roll out a red carpet and organize the best dressed award. A fancy dress party is well-liked anyway, and who does not remember an award or a prize pot? And if things can be really different: turn it around and present worst dressed awards. Approachable, funny and noteworthy. 

4. A magician? No, that's passé. But have you seen a mentalist before?

You may already know exactly what a mentalist does from the famous series ”The Mentalist”. Never heard of it? A mentalist is a mind reader. Not using so-called psychic abilities, but by reading body language. 

It’s as if a mentalist is clairvoyant. Wrong, but they can detect the slightest psychological changes. A mentalist is guaranteed to bring a lot of ”oohs” and ”aahs” to your corporate event. They uncover truths and reveal secrets. It is fully interactive, and can be done for any size of event. The high show content is sure to bring your guests plenty of entertainment.

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5. A meditation session with or without singing bowls

Perhaps your company is going through a stressful period. Or everyone is in need of a quiet moment. Not every company event has to be all about networking, drinking and dancing. Why not organize a meditation session? 

Accompanied by singing bowls, this makes for a hugely de-stressing experience. You are sure to score points with your staff or guests for this.

6. Organize a speed date... but to get your guests to get to know each other

This is very suitable for a networking event or if your company has different departments that would otherwise not get in touch right away. 

Nowadays, there are even software packages on the market that can organize this form of speed dating for you. An original way to let people get to know each other and for your guests to mix effectively.

7. How's the weather? Organize a picnic.

All those snacks and drinks are best enjoyed outside when the temperature is pleasant. With blankets and sitting on the ground or a few apiary tables. With that extra oxygen in the air, you immediately bring your guests together. 

A picnic is great to do with your employees, or to organize as an original networking event. Have you ever gone networking by picnicking? We bet you haven’t.

8. BYOD... Bring your own dog or collaborate with a shelter

Let your guests bring their dogs! Everyone will remember this, and it also works incredibly stress relieving. 

You can also collaborate with a shelter. Often, dog shelters are looking for volunteers to walk the dogs. Organize a walk with the shelter and some guests. A super pleasant & original way to network. Moreover, you can also get your guests to donate to a good cause, and start a small fundraiser, for example. Who knows, maybe an animal will be adopted at your event!

9. Silent disco or aroma DJ

A silent disco has been very hip & happening at parties in recent years, so why not at your event too? Let your guests switch between different channels and sing along loudly with their headphones.

And if you really want to be original, go for an aroma DJ. It pairs certain music genres with scents. A tingling of all the senses that will make your guests remember your event for a long time to come.

10. Team up with an art gallery or artist

Collaborate with an art gallery or an artist to exhibit works during your event. An original activity that will add an extra dimension to your corporate event. Moreover, it will give your company a very cultural and classy character. And it is an inexpensive way to dress up your event!

Your guests can connect by looking at art or discussing it. This literally gives a creative twist to your corporate event. 

So plenty of choice to entertain your guests in an original way during your corporate event

Those mocktails and vegan snacks? Super, they can stay. But with these side-activities, you can entertain your guests even more and make it a memorable event. That results in some great word-of-mouth advertising for your business. 

Of course, it will cost you extra time to organize all these peripheral activities at your event. Therefore, don’t waste precious time picking and inviting your guest list. InviteDesk can help you save precious time. Our platform is the ideal tool for any company betting on business events. 

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Making business-event organisation a piece of cake

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