How integrated surveys improve event ROI

Once you run your event, you want to be sure everything went well for your guests and learn what could be done even better for the future.  This is one of the reasons why InviteDesk offers an integrated survey module.  With this module we take things a bit further because event satisfaction for one event tells only a part of the story.


More than just event satisfaction

The survey module is an integrated part of our solution and enables you to gather crucial invitee and guest feedback at different touchpoints during the process.  This means that you not only gather information about the event itself.

For instance when a client can’t make it to one of your events, it might because he is not interested in the topic OR he would love to join but the timing is bad.  Clearly this type of information helps you to better understand your audience and take action: if your content is not interesting for that person: try to find out what does capture his attention.  If on the other hand the timing is bad, you could think about running a similar event on a different day or at a different hour.

Consistent comparisons

When different colleagues are running different events, it might happen that questions differ from one event to another and/or change over time.  This makes it sometimes hard to compare results and track improvements over time.

We allow for centrally managed questions and questionnaires which can be combined with event-specific questions.  This way you make sure questions that should be the same are consistent, yet per event some specific things could be asked.

Data capturing for better targeting

When running a survey related to an event, it is an ideal moment to gather additional information about your respondents so you can better align your event offering in the future and  send out more targeted invitations.

The InviteDesk Survey module makes it easy to gather for instance the interests of your guests, automatically store them in the database and use this data when compiling the guest lists for your next event.

Running consistent surveys at different touch points gets you the data that helps you to better understand experiences, improve and plan your events. Additional data about your guests will make sure your event marketing efforts will be better targeted and in the end drive more business. Interested to see how this would work using InviteDesk? We’re happy to demo it for you.

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