Intuitive approach on event marketing

Event marketing is an important part of the marketing mix for many companies. There is a lot involved in the organization. To make this process more streamlined, Mark Van der Kinderen, Jan Heiremans and Matthias Goossens created Invitedesk. With success. “A dynamic environment in which you can develop the entire process yourself. We’re fans,” is the reaction at ABN AMRO.

Mark, Jan and Matthias are born sales and marketing people. From their experience and passion, Invitedesk was born, an online platform for organizing and managing corporate events. “Companies invest in b2b events, but what it yields is not always clear. Often you see the same people show up or you are stuck with no-shows, which lowers your return,” says Jan Heiremans. “On the other hand, there is the underestimated workload and how to keep it manageable. These issues are at the heart of Invitedesk.”

Matthias adds: “We value personal contact highly. The basis is strengthened thanks to concrete feedback from our customers. In these corona times, for example, we make sure that they can link webinars to Invitedesk via all kinds of platforms.” Invitedesk also went looking for specific modules for ABN AMRO. “Sustainability is embedded in our DNA, so we try to invite digitally in the first place,” says Anoek Brekelmans. “As a private bank, this is not always possible, often due to legal guidelines. Customization is therefore a must and InviteDesk is a good strategic partner. They think along proactively and it is nice that you as a customer can give input to improve a qualitative product.

Together for the best ROI

Whether you’re organizing a hospitality event, a seminar, a conference or a trade show, Invitedesk is logically built to efficiently track the entire organization. “It’s time-saving,” says Jan. “You see immediately who has been invited, who still has to get a reminder or who is not coming. This way you follow up perfectly and fewer mistakes happen. It also results in fewer no-shows. Anoek nods approvingly, because ABN AMRO has been using the system for seminars and events for several months now.

“Thanks to Invitedesk, our events are much more professionalized and our internal collaboration runs more smoothly.”

Anoek Brekelmans
Senior Partnership & Event Manager
ABN Amro Private Banking

Invitedesk also collects a lot of data, historically and in real time. You effortlessly track what type of customers the event attracted and where their interest lay. “Tools for mailing, fill-in forms, you name it: everything is integrated. From check-in to a survey module afterwards,” says Matthias. “We also support CRM programs, which allows you to link event data with other customer data.”

Sounds complicated? “No, it certainly isn’t,” emphasizes Anoek. “InviteDesk’s software is user-friendly, intuitive and very visually structured. The onboarding of our other colleagues was done via a training session. You learn the rest by actively working with the application. It is clearly built ‘plug and play’. In addition, InviteDesk assists you with advice and reacts very quickly to questions and problems.