Organising a conference? Here's how to make the most of it...

Are you organising a conference with your company? Then you face a big challenge, which – if everything goes smoothly – will generate a lot of thought leadership and a huge ROI.

During your conference, a large group of people will come together to learn about a topic related to your product or service. But getting all those people excited & at your event? That’s a tremendous challenge.

Challenges of organising a conference:

  • How do you reach enough potential guests for your conference?
  • How do you efficiently track which clients should receive which communications?
  • How do you keep your guests excited about the event so that you have a good turnout?

Your conference will be a huge success if you address all these challenges well. With a large number of guests, communication & sales engagement is the biggest challenge of all.

The benefits of InviteDesk

Straightforward ticket distribution:

Distribute ticket quotas across your sales team and track how tickets are used. Reduce no-shows through better management of your guest list.

Transparent dashboards:

Track the real-time status of your tickets in a clear dashboard without time-consuming manual work in Excel.


Through easy marketing automation, your guests will receive the proper communication in your personalised house style at the right time.


Make the most of your hospitality marketing by getting your most relevant guests to your events.

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Make your conference perform at its best

InviteDesk is an event marketing platform designed to help companies manage their conferences effectively. This type of event has a significant impact on sales & brand awareness. Together with InviteDesk, you achieve maximum potential

With our platform, you can:

  • easily distribute and track ticket quotas among your relationship managers,
  • automatically track confirmations and rejections,
  • invite new guests when places become available,
  • keep guests warm for your event via simple email automation.

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