Boosting the value of your event marketing & communication in automotive

Business events are a strong addition to your automotive marketing mix. You might have a great stand at a motorshow, host a day on the track and invite your best customers, or you could host an event where you inform fleet managers on the financial benefits of electric cars.

The emotional connection with customers is crucial in automotive, and business events help you tremendously in achieving it. Events are also ideal to:

  • 🚀 Create selling opportunities
  • 🚀 Increase customer loyalty
  • 🚀 Improve knowledge of dealerships

The InviteDesk platform helps you streamline your event strategy. Book a call and discover how it can help your specific situation.

Discover how InviteDesk can optimise your event strategy

With InviteDesk you will achieve

The most valuable guests at your events

Smooth collaboration between marketing and account managers

Professional follow-up and less no-shows 

Closed loop marketing through easy CRM integration

Patricia De Mey
Events Manager Peugeot & Citroën

InviteDesk is a very pleasant, easy and complete tool. We also call it “Our tool” these days.

InviteDesk explained in one video

To ensure your event marketing in automotive is a success, make sure you provide guests and clients a seamless experience from registration to follow-up. InviteDesk is an event management platform that helps you create this experience. We offer:

  • An automatic, easy to use tool that optimises your invitation process.
  • An event marketing automation tool, to ensure optimal communication between you and your guests; before, during and after your event
  • An event-data hub, where you keep track of your guests information and preferences.

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Easy to use marketing automation

In just a few clicks you set up a fully branded A-Z invitation mail flow and create registrations pages.  Your guests receive good-looking communication and can register with one click.

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