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Product launches are a crucial element in a company’s growth and success. They provide a unique opportunity to showcase a new product, create buzz and achieve significant market penetration.

However, organising a product launch often comes with considerable challenges. It can all be complex and time-consuming.

Challenges of a product launch

  • Selecting the right target audience,
  • following up on invitations,
  • executing effective e-mail marketing,
  • efficiently following up on commitments made during the event,

Organising a product launch comes with quite a few challenges. From getting the right guests at your event to closing the deals to achieve your company’s KPIs.

The benefits of InviteDesk

Easy ticket distribution:

Distribute ticket quotas across your sales team and track centrally & in real-time how tickets are used. Reduce no-shows through better visibility and management of your guest list.


Through convenient marketing automation, your guests receive the proper communication at the right time in your personal branding. This keeps everyone excited about your product launch.


Track the real-time status of your tickets in a clear dashboard, without time-consuming manual work in Excel.


Get the most out of your product launches by getting your most relevant guests to your events & using our app to keep notes of deals made at the event itself

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Make your product launch perform at its best

InviteDesk is an event marketing platform specifically designed to support companies in organising their product launches effectively.

These types of events can have a significant impact on both your product sales and brand awareness. With InviteDesk, you can realise the full potential of your product launch.

With our platform, you can:

  • Effortlessly track your registrations,
  • Automatically record and manage confirmations and rejections,
  • Invite new guests as soon as seats become available,
  • Keep guests engaged and excited about your event using simple email automation.

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