For sales and marketing

Our software is time-saving and effective when you want the right customers and prospects at music festivals, business seats, sports tournaments, user conferences, receptions, summer parties, seminars, congresses or any other business event.

InviteDesk offers a unique event management software,
carefully designed with all of the following people in mind


In many businesses, event marketing is a key component of a successful marketing communication mix. Marketers want to get the best possible ROI from their events. This means getting maximum attendance from the best and most relevant audience, and giving your guests an experience to remember.

  • Full control over the invitation process
  • Automated timely and relevant communication to all parties
  • Real-time invitee and attendee lists – mobile and desktop
  • Send tickets automatically – your own our third party
  • ROI and compliance reporting
  • Intuitive and easy to use

Sales managers

Events are a proven method to establish closer relationships with prospects and customers, as well as a way of growing revenue. It is, therefore, key to get the right people to the right events. InviteDesk helps to achieve this with as little impact as possible on the day-to-day sales operations that have to keep going.

  • Real-time invitee and attendee lists – mobile and desktop
  • Control over who invites which prospects and customers
  • Insight into content and communication
  • Intuitive, self-explanatory and easy to use – saves time

Sales representatives

Events are an ideal opportunity to build and develop business relationships and grow revenue. With InviteDesk, it’s easy to get the right prospects and customers to attend the event, with as little hassle as possible.

  • Insight and control into invitee and attendee lists at any time
  • Insight into content and communication
  • Real-time information about guests during the event itself
  • Intuitive, self-explanatory and easy to use to save time

Business relations

Effective communication about the event and the registration process is fundamental to a fully positive event experience. InviteDesk has all the capabilities to ensure a seamless registration process and timely communications.

  • Personalised communication throughout the process
  • Customisable registration forms
  • One-click registration possible

“Thanks to Invitedesk, our events are much more professionalized and our internal collaboration runs more smoothly.”

Anoek Brekelmans
Senior Partnership & Event Manager
ABN Amro Private Banking