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Achieve business success with ease – as an event hero. Streamline event execution, get the guests that matter, and track ROI with real-time data dashboards.

Our platform offers hassle-free and smooth event execution, automated invitation and guest management and much more. Perfect for:


Making your job easy with event marketing software

Organizational benefits

InviteDesk facilitates efficient event & invitation management. Client’s reported a 50% drop in administrative workload, and -75% time spent on the invitation process.

Commercial benefits

The platform allows better guest selection and an optimal invitation process. Resulting in 10% more event-registrations and 40%  less no-shows.

Strategical benefits

How well do you know what’s resulting out of your events? InviteDesk provides real-time data of your events: registration rates, lead status, ROI, …

Wondering what your impact will look like?

Our customer's feedback

NPS Score (Net Promoter Score)

InviteDesk is proud of their NPS score of 87 – a great result according to literature and benchmarks. The survey explains the good ratings, because a.o.

  • Great usability
  • Excellent service and follow up
  • A very complete offer

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