Better business event marketing in production & construction wholesale

Whether you host product launches, installation training for applicators, or organize networking events ranging from a BBQ to a VIP night for your customers. Business events create a ton of opportunities for companies active in ‘Production & Wholesale trade of construction materials’.

Events not only create a sense of trust between clients and your company. They can also:

  • 🚀Help users understand and promote your product better
  • 🚀Enhance your relationship with clients
  • 🚀Provide upsell opportunities

The InviteDesk platform helps you streamline your event strategy. Book a call and discover how it can help your specific situation.

Discover how InviteDesk can optimise your event strategy

With InviteDesk you will achieve

The most valuable guests at your events

Smooth collaboration between marketing and account managers

Professional follow-up and less no-shows 

Closed loop marketing through easy CRM integration

Erwin Verkuijlen
Marketing Coördinator
Wienerberger B.V.

InviteDesk helps us to properly manage the invitation and registration process and to further professionalize it. We are very pleased with InviteDesk.

InviteDesk explained in one video

To ensure your business event marketing in production & wholesale of construction materials is a success, make sure you provide guests and clients a seamless experience from registration to follow-up. InviteDesk is an event management platform that helps you create this experience. We offer:

  • An automatic, easy to use tool that optimises your invitation process.
  • An event marketing automation tool, to ensure optimal communication between you and your guests; before, during and after your event
  • An event-data hub, where you keep track of your guests information and preferences.

Discover a brief walkthrough of our platform in our free demo

I am very satisfied with the ease of use as well as the support that InviteDesk provides when there are questions.

Tamara Coolen
Event coordinator

Easy to use marketing automation

In just a few clicks you set up a fully branded A-Z invitation mail flow and create registrations pages.  Your guests receive good-looking communication and can register with one click.

Britt Weck
Marketing Coördinator

It is much easier with InviteDesk to follow up on all invitations and registrations. InviteDesk in a few keywords: Handy to use, clear and top automation.

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