Our mission: drive sales and marketing to succeed together

We wanted a single tool to enable marketing and sales to work closely together – to ensure your most valued customers attended your events. And with InviteDesk, we’ve finally found it. Unique on the market, it’s designed and built specifically with collaboration in mind.

One tool for all
We knew from our experience in sales, marketing and management that inviting, following up, registering, confirming, hosting and thanking event guests can be a stressful and time-consuming administrative process. So we created this new software – with everything you need for high-value customer events in a single package.

Data-driven decisions
Data is key when making business decisions. But companies are driving blind far too often when it comes to events. InviteDesk therefore provides real-time data about invitations, registrations, attendees… and much, much more. And because all this data is continuously available, you can use it to steer your event marketing strategy whenever you need.

Integrated CRM
Our software is fully autonomous, but also integrates seamlessly with other tools. So you can easily keep your CRM up to date with event information, for example – and start calculating your real ROI.

“InviteDesk’s software is making every step involved in organizing an event easier. From initially collecting the right customer data to processing data for marketing analysis afterwards. While I enjoy the comprehensive desktop version, our commercial colleagues can get to work with a user-friendly application.”

Anke Souvereyns
Event coordinator
Sterck Magazine

Built for and by sales and marketing professionals

Mark Van der kinderen co-founded InviteDesk with Jan Heiremans in April 2018. Soon after, Matthias Goossens joined. They realised that events were costing businesses too much money without ultimately getting the right people to attend – companies were making too many last-minute calls to fill seats with second or third tier guests, sometimes even handing out leftover tickets to friends and family as a last resort.

Who is Mark Van der kinderen?

Mark spent over 16 years working for Stepstone, where he gained a wealth of experience as Marketing Manager, Head of Product Management, General Manager in Sweden, Business Development Director and Sales Director. He has a Master’s Degree in Applied Economic Sciences from Leuven University.

“Events are a great way to strengthen relationships, and they work even better when sales and marketing can collaborate efficiently throughout the invitation process. It shouldn’t be a tiring, administrative, laborious job – which was all too often the case before we started InviteDesk.”
Mark Van der kinderen

Who is Jan Heiremans?

Jan also worked at Stepstone for almost 17 years, where his roles included Sales and Marketing Director, General Manager for the Benelux Region and Chief Operating Officer (COO). Prior to that he spent eight years working in sales and marketing for Bestfoods (Unilever). He studied Business Administration and Management at Brussels University.

“We’ve made event marketing automation accessible for any company organising any type of event – from internal training sessions for 10 employees or hospitality events with 50 guests, all the way up to large company events with over 1,000 customers. You can set up a complete campaign in just a few clicks. And our intuitive app means sales and marketing can monitor the whole process from start to finish.”
Jan Heiremans

Who is Matthias Goossens?

Matthias held several commercial roles at the Adecco Group in Latin America and France. Before that he was active in project management at Fujitsu Technology Solutions.  Matthias has a Masters Degree in Commercial Engineering at Universiteit Antwerpen.

“With InviteDesk we are proud we can help our customers to increase the value they get from their event investments.  InviteDesk helps them to optimise their event spend, get the right relations to attend, avoid waste and increase business. On top of that our solutions integrates really easy with their CRM or marketing automation tools to fully integrate their data. ”
Matthias Goossens