How will you efficiently organise your internal events?

Internal events are essential in any successful business. Trainings, brainstorming sessions, family days or parties? They each provide a unique opportunity to strengthen company culture, increase employee engagement and boost productivity.

But despite the great benefits, planning and managing these events can be challenging…

Challenges of organising an internal event:

Coordinating internal events requires considerable organisational skills and attention to detail. The biggest challenges are:

  • Following up on invitations
  • Keeping track of responses (e.g. food orders, registering for activities,…)
  • Communicating details, especially last minute

It can quickly become overwhelming. Especially for companies with multiple branches, the complexity can increase.

The benefits of InviteDesk

Straightforward ticket distribution:

Distribute ticket quotas across your sales team and track how tickets are used. Reduce no-shows through better management of your guest list.

Transparent dashboards:

Track the real-time status of your tickets in a clear dashboard without time-consuming manual work in Excel.


Through easy marketing automation, your guests will receive the proper communication in your personalised house style at the right time.


Make the most of your hospitality marketing by getting your most relevant guests to your events.

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Make your internal events run at their best

When you eliminate the challenges of your internal event planning, you unlock its full potential. InviteDesk helps you and provides:

  • Flawless tracking of registrations
  • Transparent tracking of invitations
  • Clear communication and reporting

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