The right tools for STERCKE events

A STERCK event requires a great deal of organization. That’s why event coordinator Anke Souvereyns and commercial advisor Serge Wailly work behind the scenes with software from InviteDesk. “The days of endless Excel sheets and bulky email invitations are over. InviteDesk centralizes all the necessary functionalities and makes the bridge between our commercial team and the organization of the events”, says Anke.

“InviteDesk’s software is making every step involved in organizing an event easier. From initially collecting the right customer data to processing data for marketing analysis afterwards. While I enjoy the comprehensive desktop version, our commercial colleagues can get to work with a user-friendly application.” 

Anke Souvereyns
Event coordinator
Sterck Magazine

InviteDesk was founded in 2018 by Jan Heiremans and Mark Van der kinderen. “From our own experience in sales and marketing management, we saw how inefficient and archaic event organization was. With InviteDesk, we offer a powerful tool that allows you to easily manage contacts, send invitations, collect data and more. And we integrate all that seamlessly into your proprietary CRM system,” says Jan.

The hassle becomes a child’s play

Anke, event coordinator at STERCK, testifies: “In the past, our clients were invited via e-mail and Excel sheets were kept to complete the database. This manual way of working lacked an overview, which made communication between the organization and the commercial colleagues difficult.”

Serge: “And I can confirm that user-friendliness: InviteDesk is not just the most used app on my smartphone. Registering customers takes seconds. STERCK’s network includes so many companies that a convenient software that automatically links to our event coordination is crucial. I have already become a real ambassador!”

Evolving with the times

In times like these it is not obvious to organize an event, but InviteDesk is constantly evolving with the times. “We regularly add practical functionalities based on feedback from our users,” says Jan. “Even during the corona crisis, InviteDesk is proving its usefulness daily in various sectors. From booking a showroom visit to inviting people to digital training days and more.”

“Currently we are finalizing a feature for webinars, in which we want to extend the full networking experience digitally as well. From the appropriate greeting to a pass-through system to leaving business cards,” Jan concludes.