What you can do with our software
during each phase of your event planning

Step 1 - Plan

Set quotas

Start by defining the total number of guests you’re aiming for, and deciding how many can be invited per sales rep. It’s easy to update these quotas later on in the process if needed.

Event marketing automation

Easily set up the entire communication flow (invitation, reminder, confirmation, pre-event communication, thank you email, etc.) for any event in just a few clicks.

Event templates

Want to run similar events in future? Design and create event templates, and copy the full marketing automation flow, guest lists, etc. for your next event with a single click.

CRM integration

Automatically import or synchronise contacts with seamless full registration of details for attendees, non-attendees and no-shows. Very useful for completing your ROI reports and selecting future guests.


Communication and event management made easy on all devices. All your communications look good on all devices – with perfect invitation and registration management – thanks to the InviteDesk app.

Sales rep account

Salespeople should work on sales as much as possible, and be concerned with administration as little as possible. InviteDesk makes it easy to invite guests, follow up requests, and quickly find the right information.

Centralised information

All marketing and sales users can access all relevant information about the event on the dashboard: what, where, who…

Step 2 - Invite

Invite in style

Offer your guests a professional experience from start to finish – with a handy online registration form and appealing, consistent communications.

Always on-brand

Your emails are sent out with your branding. Do you have different brands? Multiple templates make life easy for you.


Communicate with guests on first name terms and in their language – with emails sent on behalf of their contact person at your company.


You can reach everyone in a single campaign. Create that campaign in one go and communicate with guests in their preferred language.


Communicate with all your invitees on any device – desktop and mobile. Your emails and landing pages are always attractive and easy to read.

Bulk and individual mailing

Send invitation emails to large audiences with InviteDesk. It’s also easy to add individual guests after the main initial mailing as required.

Step 3 - Register

Registration form

Create registration forms quickly and easily. Pick and choose from standard questions or define your own. You decide which questions are mandatory.

Event website

Create your own event website in just a few clicks – all in line with your visual identity style guides. No intervention from your IT department required.

Smart waiting lists

With limited ticket availability, you want to make sure your most important clients and stakeholders are invited first. Our smart waiting lists help you fill the event without delay. As soon as someone declines, or their invitation expires, the next person on the waiting list receives an invitation.

First come, first served

InviteDesk also offers an FCFS invitation process – so you can send invitations to a large guest list without any risk of overbooking.

Your QR-coded tickets

Are you organising your own event, and you want to create tickets with a QR code that can be scanned at the entrance? No problem, it’s all part of the package.

Upload third-party tickets

Upload PDF tickets received from a third-party event organiser, and easily distribute them to your guests by email in a single click

Step 4 - Manage

Real-time updates

Check how many people have registered for your next event – and who’s coming – any time, 24/7.

Full control

Easily add an attendee, or edit or delete a registration, in just a few clicks – any time and any place via desktop or the mobile app.

Automated and flexible

There’s plenty of scope for manual interventions in the automated invitation flow – because there can always be exceptions when managing an event.

Insights and action

Immediate access to invitee and attendee lists. Communicate directly with your customers or manage their status with just one click.

Targeted emails

Want to send your guests a quick update about the venue? Or a final reminder? Simply select the target audience you want to reach and send them a personalised email.

Mobile app

The InviteDesk app means your sales and marketing people don’t always need to be at their desktop to invite extra guests or check information.

Step 5 - Host

Front desk check-in

Scan tickets or simply swipe the guest’s name to check them in. Attendance reporting made easy.

No scanners needed

Use our app to scan the QR code with any mobile device or webcam at the event entrance – so there’s no need for separate scanners (although they’re also supported).

Last minute registration

If guests who haven’t registered in advance show up, you can quickly register them at the event itself.

VIP alerts

Sales personnel are notified when their VIP guests arrive at the event – so they can welcome and host them.

Step 6 - Evaluate


Surveys help you evaluate the event, monitor event performance over time, and collect information about your customers and their interests – to improve your event marketing and make it more targeted.

Customer insights

Gain insights into your customers’ event history and preferences. Which events have they attended?

Detailed reporting

Your event data supports ROI calculations, compliance reporting and strategic decisions.


Marketing and sales work together efficiently – based on real-time data – before, during and after the event.

Resource management

Gain insights into how event resources are used. Which teams need the most? Have all your sales reps sold all their tickets?

“With our event team, we opted in the first place for an increase in efficiency. We evolved from manual processes to a fully automated system from the invitation to registration, confirmation, check-in and a customer satisfaction survey.”

  Bart Beeusaert
  Director Marketing and Communication

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