"A wonderful link between digital lead generation and efficient event marketing": Hubspot expert Bart Van Den Kieboom on InviteDesk

It’s no secret that successful business events are crucial for building relationships and generating leads. During our interview with Bart Van Den Kieboom, it became clear how you can use InviteDesk and Hubspot together to maximize the efficiency of your event marketing.

Let’s explore the benefits of connecting these two powerful platforms, with some insights from Bart himself.

1. Improved data insights and segmentation

Bart explains that both platforms will perform better when you connect InviteDesk with a CRM system such as Hubspot. Bringing the data together gives you a better understanding of your customers and prospects:

“Your CRM is the epicentre of your customer data. Enriching your CRM data with behaviour at events? Super insightful. Using that same data strategically to build guest lists for your event? There’s gold in that”.

Thanks to an InviteDesk-Hubspot integration, you can build guest lists dynamically, taking into account factors such as involvement in previous events, interests and location: “Because we now have all the information in one place, we can build guest lists super dynamically in Hubspot…. you can get very creative with the criteria you deem useful,” Bart said.

The result of this precise segmentation ensures that you invite the right people to your events. That, in turn, leads to a higher chance of successful collaborations and deals.

2. Simple and effective event management

Bart emphasizes that InviteDesk is explicitly designed for event management. Whereas most CRM platforms do have event modules, InviteDesk offers certain features you won’t find elsewhere. “We tried organizing events through Hubspot…. Sounds good until you have to organize your first event, and it turns out you need quite a bit of complex functionality…. With InviteDesk, everything is set up in one-two-three.”

These features include multilingual support, flexibility and a convenient check-in with a QR code during the event itself. But according to Bart, it is mainly the logical leaps in the registration form that take the crown.

“We organized an event where people could register for a bike ride. Only there were more attendees than bikes. With the registration form, we could easily set up that only 20 people could register for cycling. Try setting that up with Hubspot.”

3. Seamless integration between CRM platform & InviteDesk

Linking InviteDesk and Hubspot went easily and quickly, as Bart points out, “Often it’s quite complicated to get two tools or programs to communicate with each other…. But in all honesty, this ran very smoothly.”

This allows companies to quickly enjoy the benefits of both platforms without worrying about complicated technical processes.

4. Excellent customer support

Another important aspect of connecting InviteDesk with Hubspot is the excellent customer support InviteDesk provides.

Bart emphasizes how responsive and helpful the InviteDesk team has been during the integration process: “When there were problems, they were solved immediately. I often notice that at InviteDesk: the line between communication and solution is very short. As a result, your problems are addressed and solved quickly and efficiently.”

5. Better & faster strategic decisions thanks to centralised data

By integrating InviteDesk with Hubspot, companies can store all data in one central place, leading to better insights and decision-making. Bart: “You get data that lives on different platforms in one central place, without sacrificing functionality.”

This enables companies to refine their event marketing strategies, learn from past events and optimise their future efforts. The result is more effective and efficient event marketing.

6. Time-saving automation

Bart highlights how InviteDesk combined with Hubspot saves time when organising events: “When you create an event, there are a lot of steps you have to go through…. And with InviteDesk that goes very smoothly.”

The communication flow and the registration process are highly automated, allowing you as an organisation to focus on other tasks such as improving the experience during your event and optimising networking with participants. In other words, it “unburdens” your event organisation.


Connecting InviteDesk with Hubspot offers companies numerous benefits, from enhanced data insights and accurate segmentation to easy event management and excellent customer support. By combining the power of these two platforms, companies can optimise their event marketing strategies and increase their chances of success.

In the words of Bart Van Den Kieboom: “It is the mix between InviteDesk & Hubspot that makes your marketing efforts successful. The link between digital lead generation and efficient event marketing is really the key to success here.”

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