InviteDesk and Halito! join forces

InviteDesk and Halito! which both develop event software, are merging. With this takeover by InviteDesk, the group becomes the largest player in the Benelux and is stronger for international growth.  With InviteDesk, companies increase their return on investment (ROI) from event marketing.  They use the platform to send invitations, track registrations, and allow sales and marketing teams to collaborate more efficiently with real-time data.

InviteDesk was founded in 2018 by, Jan Heiremans, Matthias Goossens, and Mark Van der kinderen and managed to grow in Belgium and abroad in a short period of time. “Events are often an important marketing tool for many companies but do not always deliver a clear ROI. On the one hand, attendance at an event is not always what it should be and on the other hand, it often takes a lot of work from the marketing and sales team to keep the whole communication process running smoothly,” said Jan Heiremans, co-founder. “With InviteDesk, we ensure a more efficient process as well as a full room with the right guests so that your event budget yields optimal returns.”

Halito! was founded in 2010 by Bart van Zele based on the belief that business events are essential to achieve strategic business goals. “The Halito! platform supports the event professional with the preparation, execution, and follow-up of B2B events. Whether small or large, and whether they are life, hybrid, or online, it makes no difference. “In terms of security, we have always set the bar very high, which has made us a reliable player in the market. Our corporate customers rightly find this a decisive argument,” explains Bart Van Zele, founder of Halito! explains.

Market leadership and continued international growth

“With a complementary customer portfolio in (international) corporates, governments, SMEs, and associations, both Halito! and InviteDesk have proven in recent years that there is a need for our software. And not only in the Benelux because we have customers in 13 countries and 3 continents,” says Mark Van der kinderen. “Thanks to this merger, we have taken a clear market leadership position in the Benelux. From here we will further expand this position in the Benelux, and at the same time we will make a strong commitment to grow faster and more efficiently internationally as well.”

Future-oriented services and an (even) more performant product

“It also felt like a very natural match between the two organizations when looking at the way we service our customers,” said Matthias Goossens. “Customer satisfaction is something we both highly value and that is also reflected in the high NPS scores and growth rates with our existing customers. By merging our Customer Success Teams we strengthen the personal approach for each customer.

“When we look at the platforms, we see a lot of similar functionality but each platform has its own approach.” Says Jan Heiremans. “In the coming months, we will see what we can learn from each other to strengthen our solutions to the customer.  Halito! and InviteDesk will remain as a brand name and product.”

Bart Van Zele concludes, “2 competitors joining forces gives enormous opportunities. It gives us both a head start for the future because we have more leeway to realize our plans and ideas. The event industry gains a stable and reliable partner.”

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