Bigger turnouts and fewer no-shows thanks to InviteDesk

Tectum Group from Genk organises various customer events, seminars and training every year. This expert in roofs, façades and balustrades uses InviteDesk to send out its invitations and follow everything up. InviteDesk is a very useful tool that provides marketing and sales teams with valuable insights and leads to significant gains in efficiency.

‘The synergy between marketeers and representatives is very satisfying. It saves us a lot of emails and phone calls.’

Steven Peetermans
Sales and Marketing Director
Tectum Group

Steven Peetermans, Sales and Marketing Director for Tectum Group: ‘Our company employs more than 400 people and has a revenue over €140 million, and we regularly organise events. But organising these events always costs our marketing department a lot of time and effort – inviting guests, sending reminders, following everything up and so on – so we needed a decent automation tool.’

‘InviteDesk is up to the task. It’s clear that it’s been developed to perfectly satisfy the market’s real needs,’ says Steven Peetermans.

The driver’s seat
‘We mostly listened to Tectum Group’s requirements in our initial talks, so we could then incorporate this feedback into our roadmap,’ explains InviteDesk’s Mark Van der kinderen.

‘Everything actually went as promised from day one,’ continues Steven Peetermans. ‘As a marketeer, you’re in the driver’s seat. You can easily create all your save-the-dates, invitations, landing pages, reminders and thank you emails in an intuitive, user-friendly way. The sales team can invite all the right people and keep track of everyone who registers in the app. The synergy between marketeers and representatives is very satisfying. It saves us a lot of emails and phone calls. Sales can see at any moment whether or not a customer will be attending. The fact that the creators of InviteDesk are thinking in such a practical way offers great added value. That’s what makes this tool so user-friendly.’

Efficiency gains
Besides the clear gains in efficiency and ability to follow everything up so closely, Tectum Group’s marketeers also find it very useful that they can save practical information for each event. ‘Keeping a record of the caterer’s name and phone number, for example,’ as Steven Peetermans explains, ‘saves employees time searching through their emails for contact details. All the important information you need is simply stored in one central place in your smartphone. These might just be small details, but they make everything flow much more smoothly before, during and after the event.’

Anyone who wants to work with InviteDesk can install everything themselves. ‘We provide basic training, but the idea is that marketeers can easily set up everything themselves,’ explains Mark Van der kinderen. ‘It’s not difficult at all. Everything is organised using templates that are easy to customise and adapt. So marketeers can simply change the images and text for each event. InviteDesk is suitable for any company that organises at least a few events, seminars, workshops or training sessions every year. The pricing depends on how many users and events there are.’

Fast added value
The Tectum Group marketing department has already used InviteDesk to organise 30 events, with more in the pipeline. ‘We’re making good use of all the features. Your guests probably won’t notice that you’re using the software. Although… ours will now always receive an email with information before the event and another one to thank them afterwards. We never used to have time to do all that,’ clarifies Steven Peetermans. ‘Another big advantage is the speed at which you experience the value it adds. You can integrate the tool in your processes really quickly, and you’ll notice from your very first event that everything runs much faster and much more smoothly. You see bigger turnouts and have fewer no-shows.’