Engaging webinars drive business success

InviteDesk Present&Connect provides a simple way to let your sales teams interact with their customers and prospects during webinars, as well as a branded, any device webinar experience for your audience

  • Let sales engage with their customers
  • Easy to use
  • Fully branded event marketing automation
  • And all the traditional webinar features: Chat, Q&A, Polls, Attendance tracking…

Engagement is the key to virtual event success, yet event marketers agree that attendee engagement is one of the most challenging aspects of virtual events.

Engage your audience

During real live events, the personal interaction between sales and their customers happens before the presentation, during the coffee break, or at the drink afterwards, when the sales crew can meet their customers and prospects.

With InviteDesk Present&Connect sales see in real-time which of their customers enter the webinar and can personally interact with them.  They can even invite up to 10 people to their own private virtual table for a video chat.

Of course, we offer the traditional webinar tools to engage your audience: live chats, polls and Q&A. 


Your guests simply can join through their browser. No plugins or apps should be downloaded or installed.

The virtual private rooms and the options for sales to interact with their customers have been kept very simple and straightforward to use, so you can rest assured they will be able to easily mingle online with their guests. You can create breakout rooms and decide who of your attendees have access to which room and define their role (presenter, moderator, attendee)

Communication A-Z

Setting up a fully automated communication flow, creating branded landing and registration pages, internal briefings to sales… we got you covered. The InviteDesk dashboard lets you easily create your campaign to promote your event from save-the-date mail over registration pages to the thank you mails. And of course, we made it really easy to clone existing campaigns so you’ll have your next webinar up and running in no-time.

All-in-one for ALL your events

Most of our customers host webinars, hybrid, AND live events. In InviteDesk they keep track of their entire event inventory of planned and past events.  This way all relevant event data sits in one central place accessible for all stakeholders – access according to their user rights of course.


The InviteDesk connector makes integration with the most common CRMs and marketing automation tools very smooth, and no specific programming is required. The setup is a matter of choosing which information should be synchronized in which direction.


Real time transparency, surveys & analytics

Real-time information gives access to important actionable information such as number of registrations, attendance rates, which customers are online (allowing sales to engage personally),…

Historical data and survey data, that can be fed back into the system, forms a solid base for future event planning, targeting and optimisation.

We can imagine you still have a few questions after reading this webpage.  Why don’t you get in touch for a short explanatory call, and find out if Present&Connect is also the right solution for you.

Running engaging webinars is often easier said than done. We have compiled our list of favourite tips for engaging webinars. Click below to receive a free download.

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