The Golden COVID Event Rules - and how InviteDesk helps

The COVID Event Protocol helps you go through the COVID Event Scan  which is part of the risk analysis for each event. This includes the 3 Golden COVID event rules that may limit the risk of the virus spreading. At the bottom of this post, you will find a link to more information included. With InviteDesk you tackle the third Golden COVID event rule in one go.



What are these Golden COVID Event Rules?


  1. Maximum physical distance
  2. Maximum hygiene
  3. Maximum data

Our SAAS platform cannot help you with physical distance and maximum hygiene. But with InviteDesk you can quickly and easily manage the 3rd golden rule: maximum data.

  • With a flexible online registration form you collect registrations in one central location – always up-to-date
  • You can easily communicate with your guests with beautiful mail templates before and after the event – about your event itself, but also when it comes to COVID measures
  • You can easily check in guests at the event: simply indicate who arrives at the smartphone’s computer. It is even more convenient when you use our ticket module and you check in your guests using the QR code on their ticket. This is possible without special equipment. A smartphone with connections is sufficient
  • When you check in your guests in this way, you have a real-time overview of who has arrived at your event. Moreover, you can still register unexpected guests at the moment.
  • At the event itself, you can easily find the contact details of the guests via the app and contact them
  • In the central database, it is easy to trace your guests in risk groups or from which environment they come
  • You are also good at GDPR: the extra information collected before the event is automatically deleted 30 days after the event.

Curious to see how InviteDesk helps you fulfilling the third golden COVID event rule? Get in touch!


About the COVID event risk model and protocol

The Belgian COVID Event Risk Model Protocol is a guide for all private and public organizers to make events COVID safer. In the first part, you will find the GOLDEN COVID EVENT RULES. The second part goes through and clarifies the questions of the COVID Event Risk Model (CERM), which is developed in collaboration with scientific experts, specialized researchers, and the Alliance of Belgian Event Federations. This online test provides insight into the COVID safety risk through a color label: green, orange, red. This label is considered a point of reference by local authorization when licensing certain events. More information about the test can be found here.

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