A boost for your event marketing

Because personal contacts remain important, many companies invest in event marketing. All too often the organization, follow-up and measurement of ROI is underestimated. Bank Nagelmackers therefore joined forces with InviteDesk, an experienced partner in event marketing automation.

Jan Heiremans and Mark Van der kinderen were active in marketing and sales for 17 years. From their experience they developed InviteDesk, a cloud application to increase the ROI of event marketing. Many companies from various sectors have since used the intuitive InviteDesk tool. Founded in 1747, Bank Nagelmackers is still the oldest bank in Belgium, with a focus on personal & private banking. Bank Nagelmackers has a network of around a hundred branches and last year organized more than 200 events for its customers.


Automated process

“Event marketing is a profession in itself,” explains Jan Heiremans. “Companies often encounter a series of challenges that are sometimes difficult to manage. First of all, the return from event marketing is difficult to measure: you know what it costs, but not what it delivers. Moreover, the same customers often attend an event, not always A customers but all too often B customers. Or even worse: a large proportion of the guests do not show up. Last but not least: getting the right contacts to attend your event involves a lot of hassle and administration, and the follow-up is not simple either.”

Event marketing at Bank Nagelmackers usually involves small-scale meetings customized for local offices. “20 to 30 invitees are a perfect number of guests for good networking. It usually involves a walking dinner combined with talks and a ‘fun’ element such as a cognac or caviar tasting,” explains Bart Beeusaert, Responsible Marketing & Communication at Bank Nagelmackers. For various reasons, Bank Nagelmackers has been using the InviteDesk tool since this year.

“InviteDesk is a high-performance tool that automates the entire process from the invitation, registration, and confirmation, to and including the satisfaction survey. And this is done in an intuitive way so everything runs smoothly for our own team, but especially for our clients and commercial employees.

Meanwhile, the ROI calculation and NPS score have become a must for the C-level. In our opinion, InviteDesk is therefore undeniably a “must have” for every organization.”

Pieter De Schepper
Head of Customer Experience
Bank Nagelmackers

Jan Heiremans finally points out an important added value of InviteDesk: “The tool also ensures better collaboration between the sales and marketing departments. Through the platform everyone always has an up-to-date overview of who is invited to an event. Moreover, all information is available in real-time.