Getting the right guests at your events?
It’s child’s play for Select, thanks to InviteDesk

HR company Select from Antwerp hosts many of its client events in a corporate hospitality box at Royal Antwerp FC’s football stadium. It uses InviteDesk, the user-friendly invitation and registration tool, to invite guests and keep track of who’ll be attending.

“Without much of an effort, we can now organize a fully personalized and professional event. Even employees that aren’t proficient at IT, can easily use the tool.”

Nele Cloots
Director of Customer Experience

Select has grown into a renowned HR partner, with around 400 employees and offices in the Benelux region, Dubai and Morocco, since being founded in 1986. It delivers services in recruitment and selection, project sourcing, consultancy and outplacement.

InviteDesk has a strong portfolio with customers including Renault, Opel, IKO and Tectum Group – all using InviteDesk’s innovative features to push event marketing to the next level.

Event marketing

InviteDesk co-founder, Mark Van der kinderen, explains how InviteDesk came to be: ‘Jan Heiremans and I noticed that inviting contacts to events was often inefficient and not very transparent, with a lot of no-shows and empty seats as a consequence. We both came from management roles in marketing and sales, and felt that the collaboration between these two departments was often a bit strained. And this was a shame, because good events depend on a successful combination of strong content and the right guests. We therefore came up with the vision for a tool that automates the entire event invitation and registration process, and makes everything more transparent.’

Select runs around 50 events a year – everything from attending football matches with a dozen clients, to an internal company party with 200 guests – so InviteDesk has clearly come in very handy. Nele Cloots, Select’s Director of Customer Experience: ‘We’ve grown substantially over the past few years, both organically and thanks to our acquisitions. This expansion, and our recent partnership with Royal Antwerp FC in particular – right before the play-offs – meant we needed support to organise our events efficiently. We discovered InviteDesk through our network, and our collaboration soon followed.’

An evolving tool

The tool has already proven its worth many times over, especially with a high frequency of events in a short period of time. Emma Vlierbergen, Select’s Content Creator: ‘We have a network of 25 offices, so we’re not in touch with all of our sales colleagues every day. This can sometimes lead to difficulties following everything up. But now, thanks to InviteDesk, we can organize fully personalised and professional events without too much effort. Even our employees who aren’t too proficient in IT find the tool easy to use.’

Matthias Goossens, InviteDesk’s Head of Sales, explains how the tool works: ‘You can use our application throughout the entire event organisation process – from sending the very first invitation to the thank you emails. The tool is also constantly evolving, and we actively incorporate user feedback in our development. For example, we recently added the option to use e-tickets or generate your own tickets with a QR code so you can scan them at the entrance. And we’re working on adding new languages besides French, English and German, too.’

To measure is to know

Mark Van der kinderen: ‘Anyone with access to the system can see the status of the registrations straight away, also through our handy app. We also deliver useful insights over a longer period of time, so you can find answers to questions such as: How is the commercial organisation spending the event budget? Are the right customers being invited? Which events are the most successful?’