Boost the value of your business events

InviteDesk is a hassle-free event platform loved by sales & marketers to host impactful events.  Get the right guests, engage them, and turn them into value for your business.

For in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

Event marketing has never been so easy

Collaborate internally

Your sales and marketing teams can really work together with InviteDesk. Make sure your event is full with all the right guests, and improve your ROI. Our mobile app and desktop versions facilitate this collaboration… any time, any place.

Communication made easy

InviteDesk enables smart one-to-one event marketing automation. Your customers receive the right messages at the right time, so it’s easy to register and build anticipation for your event.

Real-time control

Together, sales and marketing control your messaging, branding, content, guestlists… with real-time data available for every step of the process.

Save time and money

Automation, integration and ease of use will save your organisation time. And a full house with fewer no-shows will mean you’re not wasting money on empty seats.

How InviteDesk supports your events

Nele Cloots

‘We have better insight in the ROI of our event marketing. Thanks to InviteDesk, sales and marketing also collaborate more closely to make sure the right customers attend our events.’

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Some key features


Our connector allows for easy setup as it integrates seamlessly with your CRM and marketing automation tools. This means your systems can share information on guestlists, invitations, attendance and much more.

Event marketing automation

Produce automated and visually attractive email flows with integrated landing pages in the blink of an eye – no special IT skills needed. Your invitees will receive the right communications with your branding at the right time.

Ticket distribution

Whether you have third-party tickets or create your own with QR codes, we’ve made it really easy to send them to all your attendees in one go.

Real-time information

Our app offers updates 24/7. Your marketing and sales teams can communicate closely with accurate, real-time information such as registration, attendance and attendee feedback.

Increase your
event ROI?

InviteDesk helps sales and marketing organise events better, from invitations to following up leads. Request your demo now and see what our software can do for you. Prepare yourself for innovative event management.

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    What you'll achieve

    You’ll maximize the returns from your events

    Your most valued customers will be there

    Marketing and sales teams work together closely, from invitation to lead qualification

    Integrate with your CRM software for full visibility, follow-up and insights