How Bravida maintains its Scandinavian market leader position through an extensive event mix [case study]

Do you live in Scandinavia? Then Bravida needs no introduction. For those living in other countries, take note!

Bravida makes, sells and installs practically every system you find in a building. Their offer ranges between electricity, heating and plumbing, ventilation, security, cooling, …

With more than 12,000 employees, they are one of the references within the construction sector. And they manage to maintain that position through a nice mix of corporate events. In an interview with two event managers, (Anna-Karin Tullock from SystemHouse Solutions, a security subsidiary of Bravida & Hanna Rosén from Bravida Division South) we zoom in on their approach.

12,000 noses in the same direction. Internal alignment through corporate events

Keeping a huge amount of employees all engaged, motivated and inspired is no small task. Yet, Bravida succeeds brilliantly. Hanna is jointly responsible for organising internal events:

“We host several internal conferences every year. These bring together similar roles from within the company. Such conferences are perfect for workshops or to let knowledge flow through our company. We also find that this contributes to our ‘internal alignment’ and reaching our objectives.”

Keep on rocking! Business events to keep customers on board

Bravida’s success is found in excellent service and a top-shelf offering that has been around for decades. They also have a very loyal customer base with low turnover. And this is partly explained by the fact that they take good care of their partners.

Corporate events play a crucial role in their marketing mix. Popular choices are a game of golf or attending a hockey game. Although there is one event that stands out, according to Hanna:

“This year, we are inviting our A & B clients to ‘Sweden Rock’. It’s one of the biggest music festivals in Sweden: this year, Iron Maiden is performing as one of the headlines. This makes the perfect opportunity to maintain the relationship with our biggest customers.”

Using events well-targeted to increase cross-selling

“But we use business events for more than just internal training or to maintain relationships,” adds Hannah Rosen.

“Every year, Bravida also organises smaller exhibitions all over Sweden. At these exhibitions, our different divisions showcase their products.”
An approach that pays off. Because since the start of these exhibitions, Bravida has noticed a nice increase in cross-sales.

A happy marketing team for better events

When we ask Anna-Karin if she can tell us how InviteDesk helps her in her job, she doesn’t have to think long:
“For me, the tool is very good. My workload has become much easier. Before InviteDesk, we didn’t have a fluid workflow or system. It really was a madhouse. It’s great how my work has changed for the better.”
As the biggest benefits, they cite two major aspects:

The impact on the invitation process
By easily generating lists of who did/did not commit, they can more smoothly direct sales teams with which guests to follow up. Previously, this was a huge manual tinkering in Excel. A difference that works, as they notice an increase in attendance rates.

The impact on communication
The option to set up automatic communication is a huge step forward. It used to take a lot of time to figure out who has already had which communication. Today, Hannah and Anna-Karin can set up all communications in advance.

“No more ‘oh darn, I should have sent something out yesterday’,” says Anna-Karin.


At InviteDesk, we ourselves get inspired by the results our clients achieve. And we are genuinely proud when we hear that our tool is helping them do just that.

Is your company also working on business events itself? Then it is interesting to investigate what the added value of InviteDesk can be. To help you out, we created a handy ROI calculator

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