InviteDesk’s 2022: growth & a new business event landscape

The year-end is a typical time to reflect on the past 12 months and to look at what the next year brings. As an event marketing SAAS Scaleup it has been another exciting year!

So let’s have a look at what happened in the market and what we have achieved.

A new normal in business events

We finally waved goodbye to COVID which was hijacking event planning at regular intervals. In-person events retook place, depending on the region and the time, some still with restrictions. In 2022, the number of events was booming again! The number of events organized with InviteDesk more than doubled compared to the year before.

But not all types of events grew in the same way: in-person events are the massive driver of this increase. The number of webinars decreased by 27 %. Another interesting fact is that hybrid events (combining online and in-person) only represent 1% of organized events. Most likely the increased complexity of running such events explains this low number.

Live events are the nr1 choice to build customer relations within the B2B marketing mix. And we are very proud to help our customers maximize their event ROI (across all industries such as Finance, Construction Industry Suppliers, Automotive and Professional Services…).

Growth across the board for InviteDesk

We grew the team! This year we welcomed Nils, Danko, and Luka to our team to help us grow our customer base and develop our platform even further. We are constantly looking for more fantastic co-workers. Check out our open jobs!

Our platform kept on developing! Based on customer feedback and our vision, we added new features and made the platform even more complete. This year we added a.o. paid events functionalities, increased marketing & lead tracking capabilities, completely reworked our mobile apps for customers and front desk …

Customers like us a lot! Our stunning NPS score even grew further to 87! And our retention rates are exceptional – our customers are here to stay. A massive thank you to our support team and, of course, to all our customers 🙏 for their trust and for helping us to get better year after year.

We doubled our customer base! As mentioned earlier – 2022 has been a year of growth. And as a SAAS scale-up, growing your customer base is one of the most important KPIs. We are very thankful for adding many fantastic brands to our list of new customers, such as SECURITAS, Astara, Legal Studio, Confida, Mercedes-Benz, Soluno/Dstny, and many more… We operate in 13 countries in 3 continents at this stage.

What 2022 meant for us in a nutshell

2022 was another fantastic year: we welcomed new colleagues, partnered up with new customers, released new products, and in short grew our business in general.

For the next year, the overall market feedback is very positive, and events will know a bright future. The different types of events will keep on evolving to do what they are good at: delivering business value.

Happy new year!

What will your next year’s event strategy look like? Let’s find out together.

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