How to make an unforgettable event? Use InviteDesk’s Corporate Event Planning Checklist!

From trade shows, conferences and product launches to workshops and team-building events – your company likely holds a variety of corporate events each year.

And the new, post-pandemic reality is that events have become more complex, including hybrid events that combine in-person with virtual online components.

So how do you maximise the ROI of your corporate events? Well, InviteDesk can help you do exactly that. To make your planning process easier, get our checklist below.

Find out more about these steps:

Define event goals and objectives

Create the right content for the right guests

Choose the date (and venue) for your event

Prepare and schedule your event activities

Set up the communication plan

Dry run

The event is just the beginning

A thorough evaluation

InviteDesk’s Corporate Event Planning Checklist explained:

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