Belgian scale-up InviteDesk launches innovative webinar software

Willebroek, April 22, 2021 – Founded in April 2018, InviteDesk, which develops event marketing software, launches its webinar solution InviteDesk Present & Connect. With InviteDesk, companies increase their return on investment (ROI) of event marketing by ensuring that the right customers and prospects are present at their events. With the new webinar solution, they ensure that informal contacts between the organizing companies and their customers are possible, also during online events.

InviteDesk was founded in 2018. The solution that was built ensures that budgets that companies spend in event marketing are used more efficiently and ultimately yield more. Already in 2019, the company realised a strong turnover and was able to welcome customers such as Hansgrohe, Bank Nagelmackers, Randstad, and Renault. In 2020, despite the corona crisis, InviteDesk achieved double-digit growth, and invested in the development of a new webinar solution that is now launched.

“Many companies that focus on events to tighten their relationships with customers and prospects have completely switched to virtual events. These offer many advantages but also present some challenges compared to traditional events where people meet face-to-face.” says Jan Heiremans Co-founder of InviteDesk “During live events, the conversations that matter take place during the coffee break or a drink afterward. And it is precisely this personal interaction between the host and their guests that we want to make possible in an online environment. ”

“In many webinars, the Salespeople of the organising company are often just participants without being actively involved. They sometimes do not even know if their relations are present at the webinar. With Present & Connect we want to do something about this, and the commercial team can see which of its customers is present and chat with them. There is even the possibility, just like during a real event, to socialize with different guests at a virtual table.”

“Engagement is the key to the success of virtual events, yet attendee engagement is at the same time one of the greatest challenges.” According to Matthias Goossens, partner since day one: “As a business event organizer, you should take control of that involvement, but you also need to have the right tools. Easy-to-use guest interaction is already part of our solution. InviteDesk Present & Connect also makes it very easy to quickly switch content, work with several virtual rooms at the same time, organize polls, and immediately share the results with your audience, and so on. This makes your whole webinar more dynamic & memorable.”

“We want to give the guests a smooth experience from the save-the-date mail to the thank you mail afterwards. The entire communication process for the webinar is in the corporate style of the company up to and including the button colours of the webinar tool. Guests get the right communication at the right time and can chat with their trusted contacts. Moreover, they do not need to install special software but can simply follow through their browser. ”

“With our existing platform, we already help our customers to get the right guests at events through easy automated marketing communication, transparent collaboration options between marketing & sales, and real-time data. The webinar component that is now being added is a logical extension.” Says Mark Van der kinderen, Co-founder of InviteDesk “Most of our customers now organise webinars, but hybrid and live events will be back as soon as possible. In InviteDesk they keep a complete overview of all their events. In this way, all relevant event data is in one central place that is accessible to all stakeholders – access is determined according to their user rights, of course.”

The tool can be perfectly integrated with the most common CRMs and marketing automation tools such as Microsoft Dynamics.

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