3 things you better not save on to make your event successful

The cost of an event can sometimes be steep. As a result, organizers tend to skimp on certain aspects of their event. With dire consequences! Because your guests will immediately feel the impact of saving on the wrong aspects.

We hope you can organize a fantastic event without going beyond your financial means. So here’s a rundown of what you shouldn’t save on.

The event location - and this is where the basics really matter

When planning a corporate event, you should know that the venue is one of the most important elements. Depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to create, tailor your venue accordingly. 

Fortunately, even with a small budget, you can be creative with your location. For example, keep it in your own warehouse! As long as your space has that touch of ‘special’ you’re definitely in the right place. But, pay attention here, because your venue does need to meet an Olympic minimum. Here is a small overview of minimum criteria for your event venue:

  • Parking
    This is an important one to consider – especially when there is no good accessibility by public transport. Nothing more annoying as a guest to have to search street after street for parking space, thus arriving (almost) late. 
  • Hygiene
    As a business, you still want to offer a certain sense of cleanliness. Make sure the sanitary facilities are neat and tidy. A scented candle can do a lot here. And at the entrance? It’s best to put a disinfectant gel there for incoming guests.
  • Catering
    A three-course menu is unnecessary. You can certainly save money on catering, but keep a minimum and variety in mind. You don’t need to serve 20 different appetizers. But make sure that the three or four you do serve are tip-top. And don’t forget your vegetarian guests!
  • Audio & visuals
    Super sound and visual installation are great, but depending on your type of event, there is often nothing wrong with a beamer and white wall for your presentation. So you don’t need to hire expensive equipment. What does damper the quality of your event is if you have technical problems at the event itself. Testing in advance is therefore recommended.

The guest speakers at your event deserve some love

A second point you should not skimp on is good speakers. After all, this aspect is the biggest reason why people want to come to your event. So be sure to offer them that unforgettable evening that they will talk about for a long time to come. 

Yes, of course, you can find speakers in-house – if there is enough expertise from within your own organization – but there should also be enough diversity. An expert from your field who has built up some name recognition will attract more people to your event. You should not see a good speaker as a cost, but as an investment.

You can save money - but not on these aspects!

Above all, remember that your guests come for what you have to offer. So invest in the right speakers and good basic facilities at your event venue. (Remember: parking, hygiene, catering, audio & visuals!). These two aspects will leave a permanent impression with your guests that you won’t change anytime soon. 

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