5 good reasons to choose an event management platform for your forthcoming events

Do you regularly use on and offline events to drive your business success? Then you will be keen to maximise your event ROI! However, you are probably familiar with the disappointment of no-shows or the wrong audience. Not to mention all the hard work that event organisation can entail! While many companies still organise their events manually, others have already discovered the opportunities and rewards of automation. Here are some really good reasons to join them in enjoying the benefits of an event management system:

1. Teamwork

An event management platform allows sales and marketing to be involved in getting the right guests on board, and gives both teams the opportunity to contribute valuable input and manage guest entries efficiently. Did you know that InviteDesk software is unique in providing the opportunity for sales to add their own guests, while remaining visible to marketing? This flexibility is a great asset in getting the right attendance. Meanwhile, clear and accessible information keeps members of the two departments continuously up to date.

2. Reward

If you organise events yourself, you’ll know just how much work is involved in making them a success. Much of the annoyance and administration that events entail can easily go unnoticed. Guest lists, save the dates, invitations, how to find us, webinar links, feedback requests, thank you mails… these are only a few of the administrative tasks involved, without even touching on the many changes that must be managed in the run-up to (and on the day of) your event. And let’s be honest, these are not always the most exciting activities, right? Wouldn’t it be nice to spend your time on something more worthwhile and enjoyable, and receive more recognition for your efforts? We’ve been there too, which is why we’ve invented something to make the lives of marketers much easier and more likely! An event management platform automates all the annoying administration, leaving you the time to shine and add your value where it’s really worthwhile.

3. Flexibility

Constant change is a natural part of event organisation. Cancellations and additions, guest replacements, extra invites, catering changes (vegetarians, allergies…) and especially last-minute. Sound familiar? It can be a challenge to keep up, but getting it right is essential if you want to keep your guests happy and make a professional impression! An event management system makes it much easier to manage. In a couple of clicks you can be more successful in filling the house, getting your guest’s names and requirements right, managing room capacity, keeping control of ticket distribution and adapting to any other changes your event may require.

4. Transparency

How handy would it be to see all the information about one event in the click of a button? It’s possible! Software gives everyone in the team an easy overview of up-to-date information. See the status and progress of your administration in the run-up and keep track of what needs doing when. On the day, know who’s attending and any special requirements, who’s already online or in the building, etc. all in an instant. It makes life much easier when all the information is in one place, accessible to everyone in sales and marketing and easy to update.  Also, the fact it’s always up to date means you can act quickly to keep things running smoothly, whether it’s during your preparations, on the day or in following things up later on. For example, if it’s clear who actually attended, you won’t send out a thank you to someone who didn’t!

5. Efficiency

Software is helpful in preparing your event, and also a great asset on the day itself. Thanks to clear and easily accessible information you can keep your finger on the pulse, make any appropriate adjustments, but without all the effort this would otherwise entail. Administration and communication are managed automatically and dispatched on time, in the right format and to the right audience. Links and badges can be issued with ease, and with the appropriate details. Furthermore, rather than coming to you to find out, sales and marketing colleagues can immediately see who has arrived and seize their opportunity to make contact… and maximise the ROI of your event.

Our top tip for a top event? Say goodbye to the hassles and hello to the rewards, …with an automated system!

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