How to get the most out of your business events with InviteDesk, now and in the new normal

There’s light at the end of the tunnel, including in the events landscape. After months of being stuck behind a screen, we’re all looking forward to physical events. Yet, having experienced the many benefits of webinars, the new future of events is likely to look quite different: with a blend of live, online and hybrid features. Whichever route(s) your company chooses, InviteDesk will help you maximise the value of your events and simplify the organisation process. This helpful tool has been designed by sales and marketing professionals familiar with the frustrations and opportunities. So, if you’re keen to join them in futureproofing your events, read on.

Event organisation of whatever kind can be daunting, not to mention time-consuming. Coordination, communication, data management, ROI, it’s all a lot to handle. InviteDesk makes the entire process much easier, from planning to post-evaluation. Its numerous handy and convenient features  are invaluable in practical organisation, facilitate tactical improvements,  and offer key strategic insights. Here’s how in a nutshell!

Practical benefits – save time and money

To begin with, InviteDesk makes light work of practical event planning and communication, thanks to a variety of automation features: Get a head start from the very beginning using branded templates, then leave the software to send out your communication automatically, appropriately personalised and on schedule. Keep track of your status with clear dashboards, which combine data and display progress in real time. These are easily accessible by all team members and on any device, which saves you time in responding to questions. Dealing with different brands or different languages in your communication? Not a problem! Customisation is easily arranged in a matter of clicks.

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You’ll also find InviteDesk handy in managing practical tasks quickly and self-sufficiently, without requiring input from the IT department. Thanks to InviteDesk, it’s easy to create a customised event website, set up a webinar with the appropriate visual identity, and launch registration forms or polls with standard or customised questions. Trackable tickets complete with QR codes are generated and dispatched automatically in the system and can simply be scanned with any mobile device on the day itself. This also means that no special scanners are necessary. Alternatively, third party tickets can be easily and automatically incorporated. These and many other practical benefits of using InviteDesk software will save you considerable time and money.

Refining your tactics – it’s about sales

One of the key challenges faced by marketeers when organising an event, whether physical or online, is receiving support and input from the sales department, in good time and without distracting them from their main sales function. Thanks to InviteDesk software, Marketing remains in control of communication, while Sales can consult clear and real-time information at a glance, on any device, and provide input on their specified quota in a matter of clicks. It couldn’t be easier. In this way, they can ensure no important guests are missed. Also, the fact they can easily monitor their clients’ response to an invitation, means they can chase up important contacts. During webinars, sales can then compensate the lack of physical contact and boost the return on investment with the opportunity for one-to-one contact, thanks to personal ‘break-out’ rooms facilitated by our user-friendly software.

Strategic success – leverage your data

By saving time and effort in practical and tactical aspects, event organisers can devote more time to essential strategic elements. For example, the important matter of how to maximise your return on investment. Many companies have a wealth of data, but not necessarily in a central or accessible format. InviteDesk adds real value to data by allowing contacts and relevant information from any event (online, physical or hybrid) to be kept in one place and imported into your CRM with an easy connector. This can then be consulted in clear and comprehensible dashboards. Think of input such as who has attended which event(s), what their interests are, and who didn’t turn up. This information is highly useful when creating ROI reports, and an indispensable guide when deciding on which guests to invite next time and which not to, or to ensure that your content is well matched with your audience, in order to make your event a great success.

InviteDesk is not only a valuable tool to get more out of your corporate and customer events with less effort, our service team and training will also help you to maximise its potential. This is only the tip of the iceberg. We’d be delighted to tell you more about how InviteDesk can help you save time and get more out of your events. Would you like to find out if it’s something for you? Schedule a 15-minute discovery call. Or contact us now for a demo or a chat!