How to ensure that (valuable) customers attend your next event?

Despite all your efforts in organising events, do you still see the same or irrelevant guests, or suffer no-shows and empty seats? You are definitely not alone! Not only is this frustrating and costly, it can even harm your company image. But did you know there are ways to help you gain greater control

5 Top tips to the guests you deserve at your next event

We all know the effort and money involved in organising an event. And the frustration involved when you end up with no-shows, empty seats or inappropriate guests. We’ve all been there! The good news is that there are now easy and affordable ways to avoid such annoyance and achieve the ROI you were aiming for. Take a look at these 5 top tips and you’ll soon become much better at attracting and convincing the right guests to attend:

1/ Who’s your perfect match?

It’s important to match your content very carefully with your guests. After all, if you get the content right for the people you invite, they’ll be much more motivated to sign up and attend. Get it wrong and they’ll be more likely to let you down. Achieving the perfect match means good targeting. This requires a proper understanding of the audience, and then aligning your input. Historic data is a rich source of information, and will guide you in knowing who’s interested in which topics.

2/ Two heads are better than one!

Marketeers are magnificent, but they’re not the only experts in the company. By combining the strength of both sales and marketing, your results will be enhanced. No one knows the customers better than sales, so be sure to integrate their expertise in the selection process. Sales too busy? Suitable software, such as InviteDesk, can make this process really easy, allowing efficient and accessible collaboration, but without adding lots to the workload. In another blog post, we provide some help on how to engage sales for events.

3/ Is that the time?

You probably have a very busy agenda, but by launching your communication schedule in good time you’ll actually save yourself time and stress later on. The list of communication requirements is long: save the date, invitations, regular reminders, feedback surveys ….  So start early and your guests will make room in their busy agenda and remain committed to attending the forthcoming event. Meanwhile, you’ll have the opportunity to make any adjustments along the way, and there’ll be no need for any last-minute panic to fill the places – which is often at the root of embarrassment and no-shows.

4/ Knowledge is power

Sent out your invitations? Congratulations, you got off to a great start! Now it’s important to stay in control, and knowledge is power! By clearly monitoring who has received, opened and responded to their invitation, you can take action to send out reminders to those guests you were really hoping for. Remember, they have a busy agenda too! Need a few extras later on? Fortunately, you still have time to relaunch the procedure if required. This process is easily automated with some appropriate software making the data more transparent and your life much easier, and optimising your potential for results.

5/ Automation is a great help!

There’s not only a lot of communication involved in organising a successful event, and achieving your desired attendance and ROI. There’s also so much to consider when it comes to format: Are you on first-name terms? Which language(s) should be used? Which brand or design is concerned? Does it look attractive? …and a million other factors which are easy to get wrong, but which make a real difference to potential guests and their interest in your event and company. However, managing the communication flow and getting the format exactly right can be a real challenge. If you automate this process it becomes much easier, and will save you time, money and frustration! The good news? Appropriate software is now available, allowing you to do this really easily, and affordably.

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